Can the lubricant label of Raymond mill be changed at will?

                        From : clirik ?? Date : 2020-02-25 14:30
                        Recently, the Clirik customer service received such an inquiry call, asking if they can use the existing lubricant to replace the lubricant number on the Raymond mill instruction manual. Our technicians told users that the oil number cannot be changed, otherwise they will Have a serious impact on the normal operation of the machine.
                        For example, some people say that hydraulic oil can replace engine oil, and engine oil cannot replace hydraulic oil. In fact, the key to this problem is the thickness of the lubricating oil and the standard of oil requirements for the transmission part of the machine. Replacement does not mean to judge based on past experience.
                        Raymond mill
                        The instruction manual is marked with No. 40 engine oil, so do not use other numbers, indicating that the gear oil is 68, and 320 is incorrect. After communicating with the user, the user finally understands that I also I believe that in the future use of equipment, there will be no unpredictable problems due to the issue of lubricants.

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