Clirik starts selling new Raymond mill

                        From : clirik ?? Date : 2020-02-17 14:58
                        The new Raymond mill is a new design, high-quality mill built on the concepts of environmental protection, safety, and efficiency. It is mainly used in industrial sectors such as building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, and mining. Due to its structure and characteristics, More prominent, since its put into use, it has been highly loved by users in the industry, and has better brought the powder industry into the heyday!
                        Analysis of the advantages and characteristics of the new Raymond mill
                        1. A new structural combination design and three-dimensional installation, saving land and reducing investment by 3-5 million yuan;
                        2. The environmental protection concept is deepened, ensuring that the dust and noise pollution of the equipment does not exist at all, alleviating the environmental pressure and creating a green milling workshop;
                        3. Higher safety awareness is incorporated, the equipment works more safely and the explosion-proof device is installed, which will not cause dust explosion due to operation problems;
                        4. The grinding roller is more scientific in design and more sophisticated in manufacturing, which is not only durable and durable, but also increases the grinding capacity by 60%, realizing high yield and high quality production;
                        5. The finely ground powder has high purity, finer, less impurities, and has higher economic value, which promotes the rapid development of the powder industry;
                        6. save kinetic energy, work more smoothly, intelligent design, can achieve no manual work in the workshop, more convenient operation.
                        Raymond mill
                        Recommended by new Raymond mill manufacturers
                        The new Raymond mill manufacturer presents an optimistic view of "a hundred flowers blooming" in the market. Among them, there are some well-known companies that have passed a series of surveys including customer feedback and market adjustment. Here you are highly recommended Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. This is a large-scale and powerful enterprise. It has a number of branches. It integrates equipment research and development, design, production, sales, and service. The new Raymond mill has a full range of models, excellent quality, Low prices, more efficient, and more energy-efficient, ensure that customers can buy more assured and use more satisfied!
                        In short, the putting into use of the new Raymond mill has promoted the better development of the powder industry and promoted the powder market to enter its heyday. If you want to learn more about equipment or customer sites, you can visit the factory at any time to understand!

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