Medium speed trapezoidal Raymond mill type and model

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                        Medium speed trapezoidal Raymond mill? Mills are of trapezoidal type with medium speed and shape. There are Raymond mills, YGM Raymond mills and HGM micro powder grinding mills produced by Clirik. Clirik medium speed trapezoidal Raymond mill can grind dolomite and other minerals to a fineness of 60 ~ 600 mesh.
                        YGM Raymond mill
                        YGM Raymond Mill Price: YGM Raymond Mill 100,000 to hundreds of thousands of production lines
                        <Model>: YGM7815; YGM8314; YGM9517; YGM4121; MTM1600
                        <Number of grinding rollers>: 2 ~ 6;
                        <Grinding ring diameter (mm)>: 780;
                        <Feed size (mm)>: ≤15
                        <Finished particle>: 80-400 mesh
                        <Output>: 0.3-20t / h
                        <Whole machine power>: 46kw / h
                        raymond mill
                        HGM micro powder grinding Mill
                        <Model>: HGM80; HGM90; HGM100; HGM125; HGM168
                        <Number of grinding rollers>: 3-4
                        <Finished particle>: 400-2000 mesh
                        <Output>: 2-13 / h / hour
                        Clirik ore Raymond mill has YGM type Raymond mill and HGM type micro powder grinding mill. The medium-speed trapezoidal Raymond mill has many types and models, a large price range, high cost performance, guaranteed mechanical quality, stable operation, and long service life. It is a good choice for economic investment.

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