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                        LS Screw Conveyor

                        From : clirik ?? Date : 2017-12-04 10:38
                        LS Screw Conveyor
                        Product description of Screw conveyor :
                        Screw conveyor is the updated model of the GX type screw conveyor. The whole conveyor is reliable, durable, adaptable, easy to install. It is suitable for conveying the powder, granular, and block materials (temperature <200℃),such as coal powder, coal ash, argil, sand, cement, carbamide etc. The screw conveyor is not only used for the concrete batching plant, bituminous concrete batching, but also for the chemical, building, food, metallurgy and so on.
                        Technical specification of screw conveyor:
                        Model LS159 LS219 LS250
                        Diameter(mm) 159 219 250
                        Screw pitch (mm) 100 175 200
                        Rotate speed (r/min) 83 83 90 71
                        Conveying Capacity (m³ /h) 2-6 5-12 22 18

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