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                        TH Bucket Elevator

                        From : clirik ?? Date : 2017-12-04 10:37
                        TH Bucket Elevator
                        Production description of TH Bucket Elevator:
                        This TH sort elevator can elevate materials with abrade and high temperature (≤250℃) in the state of powder, granule and clump. It is a round-link chain elevator, adopting the discharging by the hybrid or gravity, charging by scraping type. The drag parts is made by high quality alloy steel chain, the lower using the gravity automatic devices can keep the constant tension force, and avoid skid or take off the chain. The chain wheel with the sprocket rim composite structure has long lifetime and easy to replacement. The elevator is used for vertical transportation, save the 25%-45% powder, durable, operation Stability, sealing good, easy to maintain and control.
                        Main Specification of TH Bucket Elevator:
                        Model TH200 TH315
                        Capacity (t/h) 8--12 12--20
                        Drive Sprocket Rotation Speed (r/min) 36 51
                        conveying material size(mm) 0-30 0-30

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