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                        • Powder Packing Machine

                          Powder Packing Machine

                          Product Description ofPowder packing machine Powder packing machineusually has two types: valve type and opening type, it is adopted with technology of electronically automatic measurement, variable-fe...

                        • LS Screw Conveyor

                          LS Screw Conveyor

                          Product description ofScrew conveyor: Screw conveyor is the updated model of the GX type screw conveyor. The whole conveyor is reliable, durable, adaptable, easy to install. It is suitable for conveyin...

                        • TH Bucket Elevator

                          TH Bucket Elevator

                          Production description of TH Bucket Elevator: This TH sort elevator can elevate materials with abrade and high temperature (250℃) in the state of powder, granule and clump. It is a round-link chain e...

                        • Powder Surface Coating Machine

                          Powder Surface Coating Machine

                          Brief introduction of Powder Surface Coating Machine: The mineral powder surface modifying, widely used in the fields of non-metal stuffing or pigment like plastic, rubber, adhesive, macromolecule mate...

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